9th Annual Janmashtami Radhashtami Celebration – Come and Explore Divinity With-in and With-out

October 9, 2021 @ 1:30 pm – 6:30 pm
68 Connecticut Ave
Sinking Spring
PA 19608
Berks Bhakti Yoga (ISKCON)

Come and Explore Divinity With-in and With-out through the Soul-Stirring Sacred Chants and Hymns !

Come and Experience the Bliss and Nectar of Bhakti Yoga – The Sweetest of the Yoga Systems and The Yoga of Love !

Come and Learn The Science of Bhakti Yoga as described in Bhagvat Gita – The Spiritual Crown Jewel from India !

*When: Saturday, 9-October-2021 @1:30pm

*Venue:  68 Connecticut Ave, Sinking Spring, PA 19608

*The event is Free, is Open for All and includes Free Vegeratian Dinner (Feast)

The Beatles had it right when they sang “the love you take is equal to the love you make”. Bhakti is about making more love—putting it out into the world, not just in principle but also in practice. One of the best known of the traditional practices of bhakti yoga is Kirtan—the devotional chanting of the names of God.

No matter what tradition you come from, chanting God’s name opens a process of healing and cleansing the heart. The Vedas say that there are as many names for God as there are waves on the ocean. We call him Krishna; Christians call him Jesus; Jews call him Yahweh; the Sufis call him Khuda. Whatever the case, let the beautiful name of the Lord remind you that you are more loved than you can even imagine.


Program Schedule :-

1:300 pm – Sankirtan Yajna (devotional music to the Lord, using a call-and-response method)

4:00 pm – Shri Radha Krishna Katha

5:00 pm – Aarti (special form of worship to the Supreme Personality of Godhead) with Flower Abhishek

5:30 pm – Shri Nrsimha Prayers

6:00 pm – Dinner Prasadam


Glimpses of past year’s Celebration